All about the Bleach Pregnancy Test

Being pregnant is the dream of almost all women in the world. You will be very happy since you have already been the real woman. Since not all women can pregnant, so you should give your best for your embryo. There are many methods can be used to check your uterus condition which will decide whether certain woman is pregnant or not. One of popular ways to be taken is the bleach pregnancy test.

How to Do Bleach Pregnancy Test?

There are many methods of pregnancy test; stick, USG, and even bleach test. Bleach is one of cleanliness chemical products that are commonly used to clean clothes. This substance works through oxidation process that effectively removes the dirt. Do you know that this substance also works well to know your pregnancy? Here are the steps to use bleach to test pregnancy. You will need three cups, fresh urine, bleach liquid, and cotton butt.

Let start by saving your fresh urine whenever you desire to urinate. You just need at least a half cup, so do not intercept too much urine. Add a half cup of bleach liquid immediately to the urine cup. Mix that mixture along with cotton butt; stir gently to get better result. Stir it until the mixture is completely blended. Now, you do have to wait this mixture for approximately thirty minutes till an hour or more. For that cause, you need to be patient to get precise result. The time needed is different from one to other women, so it cannot be generalized.

There will be two possibilities of the test result; bubbled or not. If the bubbles appear and go out from the mixture, it gives positive result. Positive means that you are getting pregnant and will have baby in future time. On the other hand, if there is nothing happening from this mixture, you are negative. Negative means that you are not getting a baby on your uterus yet. The bubbles appear when the substance of bleach meets the hormone from pregnant women. They will appear on the upper part of the mixture with basically white and smoother than usual.

The Accuracy of Pregnancy Test

After having the test, the most critical question is appearing now, is the bleach pregnancy test accurate? Well, to answer this important question, you should realize that each test has the margin of error, it also occurs in pregnancy test. Homemade tests including bleach test have highly inaccurate significant level. It happens since human error where you could probably do inaccurate observation or wrong steps.

The next problem might appear since the difference interpretation of each observer. Some women will not give their high belief on the result even the bubbles are quite clear. Objectivity is one the parts in forming the valid test, on the other hand in this test the subjectivity will appear. Subjectivity happens since it is quite difficult for observers to voice up one result.

Experts said that the bleach test has 95% of accuracy that means the margin of error is about 5%. Thing to be remembered is that you have to get supported pregnancy tests to support the result of this test; even this test is valid enough. What can you take to support your result? You are able to use store based pregnancy test in which you can buy it on store. But, you should know that even those test tools have margin of error too. The validity is about 99% n which the margin of error is about 1%.

Why It is Important to Do Pregnancy Test?

As everybody knows, pregnancy is one of the sweetest moments in women’s life. Pregnancy will influence your life, your physic, and moreover your mentality. Early warning of pregnancy is better to detect since you can give your baby your best that you could. Give the balance nutrition is the best possible way after knowing that you are pregnant.

Nutrition and love are two things of all baby needed, since they will play important role to baby growth. Nutritious baby will grow into smart and healthy kid who will be your most pride in the future. Pregnancy will also change your habit like you have new world to pass. Your daily activities will also getting changed along with your pregnancy since you have to spend your most time to take a rest.

Reasons to Use Bleach to Test Pregnancy

There are many advantages of using the bleach pregnancy test. First, this method is simple and economical. This happens since it just needs very simple equipment and tools to have the test. It is said easy of course because the steps are simple and almost all people able to do that. It is said economical since you do not have to spend your money to pay for your pregnancy test.

Second, having the homemade pregnancy test will save your time. Most of women prefer to do homemade test than go to health provider because it will need much time. In addition, you commonly have to wait until your turn, so it is quite boring and tiring too. As long as you have bleach to wash the cloth, you will be able to check your pregnancy too. Third, using homemade based test will allow you to test your pregnancy every time you want. Whenever you feel something different on your body, you are able to check it without have to go outside.

Fourth, the result is quite trusted since it has validity level of 95% and the margin of error for about 5%. In case you do not yet believe on this result, you can do the same step in different days to measure your interpretation. It is okay to check your pregnancy on health provider, but if you are able to do that by yourself it will be better. Those are the steps to do the bleach pregnancy test, the importance of pregnancy test, and the reasons to use bleach as pregnancy marker. In short, it is very crucial to know your pregnancy earlier since you will not miss the golden moment of your baby. Happy trying!