Bleach Pregnancy Test: Yay or Nay?

Have you ever suspected yourself pregnant, but you don’t have time—yet—to see your doctor? Or you have experienced the nausea—or even vomit and you have missed your period? When the suspense is killing and you want to try out the homemade pregnancy test, go to your closet and find bleach. Bleach is a chemical substance that is used for domestic cleaning, especially white clothes when they look a little more “tan” or “grey” and you want it back as white as it was, involving the oxidation process. The question, is bleach pregnancy test accurate?

Bleach Pregnancy Test and Its Popularity

What is bleach pregnancy test and is it worth the rave? When you think about going homemade for your pregnancy test and google it up, you will find that bleach pregnancy test pops out on the first pages. This test involves the use of bleach, the chemical substance which is available in almost all homes and stores, and is very easy to carry out.  Some women think that this test is reliable enough as they go to their obgyn for pregnancy test confirmation afterwards. According to the research, the bleach pregnancy test is 95% accurate, which if the result of your test is positive, it is much likely that you are pregnant. Therefore, the question “is bleach pregnancy test accurate?” is pretty much answered. If the test result indicates negative, don’t worry. There are bunches of pregnancy test out there that you can try to confirm it. As stated before, it is easy to carry out this test.

You will need :

  • Two disposable glasses (or containers). Make sure that they are not made from plastics.
  • Bleach powder or liquid bleach will do.
  • Disposable spoon to mix the bleach with your urine. Again, make sure it is not plastic to avoid unwanted reaction that will blur the result of the test.

You should collect your own urine and put it in one of the glass (or container). Next, pour the bleach into the other glass. Since there is no exact amount of how much you should put the bleach in, don’t put too little or go crazy with this stuff. What you have to do next is slowly and carefully pour your urine into the bleach. Don’t do the otherwise to avoid any unwanted spilled product that may irritate your skin. Stir the mixture with a spoon. Remember, you have to do this outside where you can get fresh air for the smell of the reaction between bleach and urine—which contains ammonia—is very unpleasant.

Wait patiently! Each reaction differs from other reactions. It may take ten minutes to one hour to ensure that you have a precise result. If the mixture produces bubbles, congratulation! You’re pregnant. If not, try other methods to confirm it or simply try it over again. Just to be sure, it is advisable that you confirm the result with your obgyn.

Even for pregnancy tests that are carried out by professionals, there is also possibility that the test will give you the false negative result caused by many factors. One that is very crucial is timing. Testing out whether you’re pregnant or not is highly depends on your HCG hormone level. The theory is, the more HCG level you have in your urine, the more it will react with whatever pregnancy test kits you use—including homemade bleach pregnancy test. The problem is, most of mom candidates do the test too early when the HCG level is too low. It is advisable to do the test few days after your missing period, not directly on the first day because the HCG level in the urine is almost impossible to be detected.

It is also advisable to use your morning first urine sample rather than your frequent (or usual) urine sample. There is a possibility that the frequent or usual urine that you produce after too many water drinking—which is normal when you are expecting a baby and you think that you have to pee as soon as possible to check it out—may dilute the HCG hormone level. Again, the low level of HCG hormone is really hard to be detected even by approved medical pregnancy test kit. If you have done all of the requirements above and you still have bubbles in your bleach-urine mixture, congratulation! Don’t forget to confirm the result with your obgyn.

Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Safe ?

After dealing with the question “is bleach pregnancy test accurate?”, now we are dealing with the safety issue that pops out concerning how dangerous chlorine—chemical substance included in bleach—is. Chlorine is a common chemical substance of cleaners used at home such as detergent or bleach. It is heavily corrosive and irritant. If ingested or inhaled, bleach—and other heavy duty cleaning products—may harm or damage your lung cells, causing inflammation and nasty infection. Well, these products are not made to be inhaled or ingested, though, but it is possible for you to inhale the vapor.

It is also widely known that even the diluted bleach can cause skin burns and allergies. Researches show that this chemical is able to kill the strongest bacteria; therefore, it makes sense that it is a potential danger toward people who are exposed to it. Exposure to bleach may cause the skin, nose, eyes, and lungs irritation. Serious damages that may cause are terrible skin burns, respiratory problems—upper and lower, extreme headaches, and vomit. Don’t worry; these nasty things will not happen unless you do the test carefully and in the open area where fresh air is available.

For your information, the smell of bleach and urine mixture is both very unpleasant and poisonous. Therefore, this article suggests you to get out of the room and do the mixture outside where you can get fresh air. So, after answering both question “is bleach pregnancy accurate?” and its safety issue, it is your choice whether you will opt for this pregnancy test or not. Best of luck for your pregnancies!