Body Weight Gain for Your Pregnancy

In an awkward way, pregnancy is the only time where you should actually gain weight. Of course, this is actually acceptable among pregnant women. To tell the truth, gaining some kilograms is recommended during pregnancy. Even if gaining weight is recommended, there are some rules you should know about why you want to gain weight during pregnancy and the recommended weight gain during that time. Overlooking the warnings may cause you to succumb to obesity, and it may prove to be fatal for you and your baby.

Why Would You Gain Weight during Pregnancy?

This case is complicated for pregnant women. There are boundaries you should know about this weight matter, and there are consequences you will face when you go past the boundaries. Get too much weight and there will be countless complications waiting for you. Gestational diabetes and hypertension are the worries you will face when you’re obese during pregnant. Moreover, complications will crush your body during labor and the delivery of your baby. This, in return, gives a risky birth to the baby, and the health risks your baby will face will be guaranteed. In short, gaining weight uncontrollably will bring you and your baby closer to health risks.

Inversely, being skinny during pregnancy can also give you troubles. If you don’t pack enough weight during pregnancy, the risk of delivering your baby too son will haunt you. Moreover, you will also find your baby too small after the birth, which makes your baby susceptible to more illnesses as it grows old. Which means another complication will also haunt your baby. In the end, there are reasons to keep your weight in steady pace. This way, you will keep your body, pregnancy, and baby at stable conditions as you live through the pregnancy.

Take Control of Your Pregnant Body Weight

Despite the complexity of gaining weight, gaining weight the right way is surprisingly simple. In this case, there will be some sort of information you will need to know. If you ever feel confused about the proper way to gain weight that suits you the best, do not hesitate to contact the nearest doctor or midwife.

  1. Know your BMI

This is a common knowledge among pregnancy rules and tips. BMI is an abbreviation of Body Mass Index, which allows you to calculate the number of weight you need and the index of various type of body weight. In this case, many people suggest that the amount of weight pregnant women should gain during pregnancy is around 11 to 16 kilograms. This is the ideal number of weight gain you can take. Regardless of the recommended weight gain, your BMI is calculated by the number of your weight and height. In the end, you need to gain weight ideally in conjunction with the number of your BMI. This, in return, will give you advantage as you live through the pregnancy.

  1. Rate of weight gain and the timing

This is a very unusual situation in which there’s no exact science you will use. Gaining weight during pregnancy is very unique because each pregnant woman has different body weight issue and goal. There is also timing you need to know about the optimal time to gain body weight. By knowing the exact timing when gaining weight, you will be guaranteed to gain weight at steady pace.

During the first trimester, the condition of your baby is still tiny and weak, so there’s no need to gain weight over 1 or 2 kilograms. However, many pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness may not gain any weight at all. Regardless, high appetite is a good sign in which there’s no absolute need for you to gain weight at this moment.

During the second trimester, the baby will begin to grow fast. This is the time when gaining weight starts to become a serious thing. A total of 6 kilograms should be gained if you have conducted pregnancy at normal weight from the start.

During the third trimester, you will find that your baby grows heavier. This is the time where gaining a total of 5 kilograms should be done. During this 9th month, many pregnant women may actually drop one or two kilograms, so the struggle for food will begin at this moment as well.

However, there will be some other unexpected factors to consider. Carrying twins or more babies will force you to increase the total weight gain you need. For average women, the total rises from 17 to 24 kilograms, while overweight women will need to gain from 14 to 23 kilograms, and obese women need to gain 11 to 19 kilograms.

  1. Know where the fat is going

This is where the confusion gets even more complex. The weight you gain doesn’t stop into your stomach alone. Body fat will be distributed to many parts of your pregnant body. For around 14 kilograms weight gain, you can guess the breakdown of the distribution. To baby, the fat will be delivered at 3 kilograms, while the placenta will gain 1 kilogram. The distribution of amniotic fluid will increase at 1 kilogram, and the uterine will be enlarged at 1 kilogram. The same amount will be delivered to the maternal breast tissue, but maternal blood volume will gain 2 kilograms. Again, the same amount will be delivered to the fluids in maternal tissue. Finally, the last part of body weight gain will be distributed to the maternal fat stores at around 3 kilograms. All in all, keep this estimation rate in check and you can gain weight properly for optimal result.

Those are the information you can take about weight gain. Getting the right amount of weight gain may prove to be quiet difficult, and there might be some factors that can disrupt your weight gaining process. However, gaining weight properly is important for the sake of your body and the baby inside your tummy. With enough tips and advices to consider, you can start improving your pregnancy quality by gaining weight at steady pace, altogether with the precise timing in reaching the optimal number of yours.