Breastfeed on Demand – Is It a Better Choice?

One of the most common questions asked by mother is whether breastfeed on demand a better option. In this article, further explanation regarding this question will be shared. This activity which is also called as baby led feeding or feeding on cue is about flexibly responding to baby’s hunger cues. In other words, when the baby requests for breast milk, you breastfeed your baby and continue the breastfeeding until your baby’s satisfied. Basically, according to the research, every baby is designed to feed based on demand. So, this breastfeeding way is not something weird. In fact, it is only normal.

Important Information about Breastfeeding on Demand

Although breastfeeding on demand is only natural but it can be hard for women in industrial societies to do it. This is because the women tend to have a lot of activities that they cannot be present 24 hours a day to take care of their babies. But it doesn’t mean that this is impossible. Instead, it is still possible with the use of bottle to store the pumped breast milk. And, this breastfeeding technique is actually an ideal way in order to keep the milk production in sync with the needs of the babies. Learn about the advantages of this breastfeeding technique.

The breastfeed on demand technique is ideal to help the newborn babies in regaining weights more quickly. But you should know that every woman’s breasts have varying milk production. Some women produce milk more than other women. And, the calorie content in breast milk also varies depending on the mother’s diet. Even more, the babies’ ability to extract milk also varies as well as their stomach capacities.

Basically, this way of breastfeeding allows babies to be able to cope with quirks of particular situation. It is true that they tend to have difficulty in getting enough milk to eat when they are forced to adapt to time schedule. Therefore, the best way for the babies is to have them deciding on their own when to have the breast milk. In fact, this is also recommended by various health organization including the La Leche League, World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics.

Moreover, breastfeeding on demand technique still has a variety of benefits for the babies and the mother as well. It soothes and reduces the pain. Meanwhile, it also allows both babies and the mothers to have skin-to-skin contact. This contact is important because it promotes the infant-mother attachment. At the same time, it also helps to regulate the temperature of the baby’s body and also the blood sugar level. Moreover, this contact is also often associated with head growth’s higher rates in preterm infants.

Every time the baby breastfeed, the stress that the babies’ may feel is reduced according to the endocrinologist and physiologist. It is believed to boost the level of oxytocin in the babies. So, if you decide to apply this breastfeed on demand technique, you should be ready of doing it and make the required preparations. Usually, the babies demand breastfeed every two hours.