Breastfeed when Sick, Is It Safe?

Breastfeed when sick can be a big dilemma for the mother. She needs to feed her child, but on the other hand, she cannot get her child to get sick. This will be a problem especially for those who have a child for the first time. To get over that problem, today we will talk about that issue.

Actually, you can keep on breastfeeding the baby during an ordinary illness. Ordinary illness here means those light sicknesses which do not cause you to be in so much pain. Some illnesses such as cold, sore throat, fever, or flu are not a threat for breastfeeding. Just go to the doctor and make sure to remind him or her that you are currently breastfeeding. Therefore, he can find a suitable medicine for you. If you are sick up the way that you are even vomiting, you can carry on and breastfeed the baby but make sure that you keep on drinking lots of water to keep your body fit.

Contrary to that condition, when the baby is the one who is sick, it is even better to keep on breastfeeding him. It is somehow disclosed a connection between the baby and mother. Moreover, it can comfort the baby in a very good method as well. Most of medications for the mother are safe, so you do not need to stop breastfeeding. If the medicine is not compatible, usually there will be an alternative way from the doctor.

The Condition when Breastfeeding Is not Safe

The only illness that gets you to stop breastfeed when sick is only HIV and HTLV-1. It can spread infection, and considered as the most dangerous illness that makes you even need to stop breastfeeding. It is contagious and included as an unsafe condition for breastfeeding. It is better to stop and change to the formula bottle milk from the doctor instead to avoid a much more alarming condition.

In addition, food poisoning is walking in a thin line. It depends on the mother condition after getting food poisoned. If the mother is only showing the simple symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps, it is still safe to keep on feeding the baby. The symptoms do not harm the process, and you can carry on breastfeed the baby. Make sure that the mother accepts appropriate therapy through the antibiotic that’s compatible for breastfeeding to avoid any further danger.

If the baby is in a dangerous situation from illness or food poisoning, it is better to stop breastfeeding because it is not safe and the illness can transfer from the mother to the baby.  Moreover, you may transform some of the virus unconsciously to the baby anyway when you do not aware that you are sick. However, if you are just sick from a mild virus, it is better to keep on feeding your baby. In fact, the breast milk contains natural antibiotic that will help the baby to fight the virus at the time of breastfeed when sick.