Crisis Pregnancy Center: Truth or Lie?

Pregnancy can be scary, but there are more things that are scarier than pregnancy. Many of them are fake and deceptive, but only few tell the tale of truth. Crisis pregnancy center has been at the constant crisis of being scammed, framed for telling lies and discriminate women. Although there are a few that can actually help you regarding pregnancy, there are some things you should know about the lies of it.

What Crisis Pregnancy Center Really Is

Also known as pregnancy resource center, crisis pregnancy center revolves around pregnancy and parenthood. Many women who are unprepared with pregnancy or are in the situation where they have unplanned pregnancy seek shelter in this institute. Sometimes, this institute also revolves around the desire of giving anti-abortion choice toward the clients. Truth to be told, such institute are mostly fake clinic that is run by the people who tend to give women any form of wrong and biased information, and they tend to nullify the wish of the clients who want to have abortion or birth control in a very tense way.

Occasionally, crisis pregnancy center pretend to be a real health care provider. Sometimes, many of them do not. Fake clinic like this tends to trick the clients, which are mainly women, with falsified truth and advertising. This institute may claim that the whole conversation and information from it is unbiased, and sometimes it also offers an array of health services. To further convince you, this institute also tends to use some genuine reproductive health centers nearby and build itself quiet near to the real ones as well. Of course, this is done to further convince you to visit this institute.

What You Find and What to Do With Crisis Pregnancy Center

Truth to be told, there are still some genuine crisis pregnancy center that can help you in getting advice and future plan about pregnancy and parenthood. Most of the time, however, you will find yourself stuck in an illegal institute which dissuade you from making choices. This institute tends to pretend to be fully licensed, but the fact remains that there are so many of it that are illegal. Despite being an abortion clinic from outside, it is actually not and doesn’t offer actual medical service. Although some provide you with limited medical services, it is an attempt to further convince you to make term with the pregnancy.

The main purpose is to dissuade you from getting abortion or birth control. In order to do that, crisis pregnancy center tends to give you services, mainly about consultation. However, this consultation will almost give you false information about everything. Every small detail you share might be answered with suspicious information, whether it is about abortion, adoption, or even parenting. By the advisors, you may be directed to join several other workshops and activities. These are purposed to further keeping you away from choosing abortion. They also tend to share lies regarding the medical and emotional impacts you may sustain from abortion.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Advisors and workers can also work together during the pregnancy test offered by crisis pregnancy center. Sonogram test is usually done as a way to dissuade women from having abortion or birth control. During this test, the institute can falsify the result to make the result negative—all while you are actually proven to be pregnant. This lie is told in order to avoid you from having abortion, and by the time you realize about the lie, it may be too late to commit abortion. With this situation, it will be difficult to get early prenatal care as well.

In U.S. alone, the number of crisis pregnancy center rises drastically. Over 58 of them exist in Virginia alone, while only a glimpse of them are legitimate reproductive health cares. It is mainly founded by religious affiliations who aim to stop abortion and birth control. Sometimes, it also operates in unison with one of the three non-profit organizations: Care Net, Heartbeat International, and Birthright International. This kind of institute has been in trouble with many official organizations because of their immerse number and illegal movement. Indirectly, this institute also stands against women’s right for birth control and abortion.

Because of its predictable patterns and behaviors, there are ways you can find to avoid being scammed by fraud crisis pregnancy center. Being an illegitimate institute, you can always make clear differences between the real reproductive health care and the fraud one. An appointment must not be made with such institute, unless you know it’s the real one. Of course, it is a must for you to be clear with the legality of the institute. You can ask friends, counselors, legitimate health care providers, or basically the people you trust about the name of genuine health care center.

If you choose to commit abortion, there are many official abortion providers you can find. This is important, because the true function of pregnancy resource center is to further understand your choices, situations, and future plans. There should be no pressure given to you by health care provider regarding the decision you make about the pregnancy. In contrast with fraud crisis pregnancy center, legitimate pregnancy resource center will always give you the right and unbiased information about your every action and choice. Giving you the best options and choices about pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and parenting are the kind of services they will offer to you.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons to worry about the dangers they pose. Illegitimate pregnancy resource centers exist to stand and fight for anti-choice movements, and they will stop at nothing to shut down the wish of getting abortion or birth control. Moreover, the ignorance people shows toward them have proven to endanger the right to choose even further. True to its nature, crisis pregnancy center is the kind of crisis every one of us must face and stand against. After all, when someone walks through the institute, there’s a good chance that a life is in danger.