How to Breastfeed and Bottle Feeding

You may question whether you should only breastfeed or combine breastfeed and bottle feeding. Basically, bottle feeding doesn’t always mean that you use the industrial milk and combine it with your breast milk to give it to your baby. Instead, it can mean that you give your breast milk with a bottle. This is actually a common practice especially among mothers who have returned to their work. Therefore, it is not something that should make you worry. However, there are several tips and tricks that you’d better follow so you can breastfeed your baby the right way.

How Importance is Breast Milk

Suppose you have week’s old baby and you plan to return to work anytime soon, breastfeeding and bottle feeding has to be your priority to make sure that your baby gets the essential nutrients he/she needs. The breastfeeding is the real labor of love and every mom is certainly willing to give the best to their babies. Remember, the need to do milk expressing around the clock is crucial especially if your baby is less than 3 months old.

During the first month, it is very important to make sure that you always give good supply for your baby. You have to frequently nurse your newborn baby to give adequate milk supply. Usually, you should nurse it 10 to 12 times in every 24 hours. This is important to keep your breast milk supply through frequent stimulation. Remember that every baby is unique. Some of the babies demand frequent nursing while some other babies do not. Therefore, you should always be aware and sensitive to recognize the need of your baby. This is the reason why you should breastfeed at work. Talk to your employer about the requirements for breastfeeding at work. This way, when you get back to your house, you can breastfeed and bottle feeding.

When your baby is still 3 to 4 weeks old, you should begin to pump every time you have done feeding your baby. Do the pumping for 4 to 8 minutes according to your need. This way of pumping gets out of any fatty hind milk and calorie. And it doesn’t also interfere with the nursing schedule of your baby. The recommended pump is double pump so you can express your milk faster. And if your baby only breastfeeds on one breast, you can pump milk from the other breast. For the milk you have pumped, keep it in the bottle and store it in your fridge. Then, you can breastfeed more flexible.

When do you breastfeeding and bottle feed? Breastfeeding is recommended if your baby is very hungry. When he/she is in this state, breastfeeding can calm your baby make him/her relaxed. But if your baby is not very hungry, you can give bottle feeding. But there is one important thing during bottle feeding, use slow-flow nipple instead of fast-flow nipple to make sure that your baby stays relaxed and patient. After all, the breastfeed and bottle feeding can still be handled.