How to Breastfeed for Working Moms

Continue to breastfeed for working moms to give breast milk to the baby after going back to work needs a process. You can face the entire challenges when you hit breastfeeding grove. The challenges when you return working are like pumping, stockpiling the breast milk in home, negotiating place and time to pump, introducing bottle, as well as dealing things with your co-workers that might not understand the decision you take. Then again, you still have to finish your job although you miss your baby. Referring to such obstacles, mothers continue to provide the breast milk even though this is not simple matter.

Prepare Yourself to Face the Challenges of Breastfeeding as Working Moms

To breastfeed for working moms, you should take the first step of getting pumped. In this early step, you need to buy or rent electric breast pump with good quality that can empty the breasts both at once. Although this may be expensive, you will be able to save the time which is worth to manage between your breastfeeding and your work. You can check this with your healthcare provider.

If you want to keep the cost to be low, you could use manual pump in your house. In this case, you need to learn the procedure to use the pump before returning to work. You need to practice to use the pump to start storing the breast milk for your baby.

After you know the procedure to use breast pump, start to build milk stash in freezer that can be thawed by caregiver to feed the baby. Start pumping when breast milk supply is on its peak which is usually in the morning. You will be able to produce up to eight ounces breast milk at one time when you have been away from the baby. Freeze breast milk using plastic bag which is resalable. Use the one which is designed specifically for single portion of serving. Do not forget to label the plastic bag with date or time you pump the milk.

You need to have another person such as father, grandmother, or caregiver to give a bottle to the baby. This should be at least 2 weeks before the maternity ends. This process is to introduce bottle to your baby. You can practice it once in a day as new technique for feeding baby. This will help in making your baby to get used by this feeding technique before you really start to leave him for working. You can thaw the breast milk or place its bag into bowl filled with warm water. Do not try to heat or thaw the breast milk using microwave since it can destroy some properties of immunity building in that milk.

To help you get to work easily, you need to try wear clothing which can ease pumping. Try to wear good breast pads as well to cut down the accidents of leaking. Within several days of first week after returning to work, to breastfeed for working moms is not easy thing to do that you cannot master yet. After taking some process, you may be able to find that pumping breast milk at work is extremely easy. To do so, what you need more is be patience.