Is It Safe to Breastfeed during Pregnancy?

You must be happy that pregnancy test you take confirms your pregnancy. When a new baby is on your womb you feel really excited. However, at the same time you cannot help with your toddler. Then again, he is still breastfeeding. This makes breastfeed during pregnancy leads you to some concerns and questions. You want to give the best to both of your toddler and new baby by ensuring that breastfeeding during this time will be safe for them. So, is it really safe to do so? How will this condition affect your fetus and your weaning child? Such kinds of questions are understandable. Mothers indeed need to understand the benefits, the risks, and other aspects to determine.

The Safety, Readiness, and Challenge of Breastfeeding while Pregnant

Many women feel worried about breastfeed during pregnancy due to the consequence of mild uterine contractions. For information, this kind of contraction will not become a concern in healthy pregnancy as it does not generally cause preterm labor. So, generally breastfeeding while pregnant is considered safe.

Nevertheless, weaning your toddler may be needed regarding some certain cases. So, if you are experiencing bleeding, carrying twins, having high risk pregnancy, advised to not doing sex during pregnancy, at the risk of preterm labor, or having uterine pain, you have to talk with doctor to decide weaning or take another decision.

When you are advised to wean your toddler, you may need to consider whether he is ready or not. This important aspect includes child’s personality, child’s physical and psychological response, nursing pattern, and age. You need to consider your readiness as well. Another important aspect to consider is also whether your toddler need to breastfeed mainly for comfort or nutrition.

Besides, monitoring your infants’ development and health are also crucial. Make sure that they are nourished properly during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is even more crucial to baby who is less than 6 months. As for the baby who already etas other foods, he may prefer other food than breast milk.

You may find some potential challenges as well while breastfeeding during pregnancy. So, it presents not only benefits, but also some challenges. For physical challenge, it can include sore nipples as well as nausea caused as milk supply you have decreases. The numbers of mothers who experience the condition of sore nipples are as much as 75%. It may also give contribution to fatigue as normal part during pregnancy. Therefore, it is understandable that some women may become hesitant in breastfeeding because they fear to experience more fatigue. However, you can breastfeed by lying down or sitting that actually may help getting extra rest as needed.

Once you decide breastfeeding in you are pregnant, you should eat well to support the health of both your toddler and unborn child. Eating will be necessary and essential for you at this time. Take a look into your calorie needs as well. Moreover, you should look and relate the feeling when you breastfeed during pregnancy as another primary consideration.