Know More about Pregnancy to Get the Healthy Pregnancy

The goals of why the creatures including human to live is to have the descendant. It is also what most people do after the marriage. If you want to parents as soon as possible, you must prepare everything, including learning about the pregnancy. It is needed to know for not only the women who are going to be mothers, but also the men as the father. To understand the pregnancy is important to prepare all you need before, during and after the pregnancy. It is good for both of parents and baby.

What You Need to Know About Pregnancy?

Before you decide to be parents, you must consider the pregnancy. To have a baby means to be ready for being parents. Then, you have to make sure that parenting will suit to your life in the future, because you can experience the parenting with more joy, reward, or even the demands. Besides, you also need to consider about your child, like your time, care and energy to watch your child grow, and of course the plan, money and the other material things needed by your child. Moreover, you should be ready to change your lifestyle, like consuming healthy food to get healthy pregnancy and baby.

Every woman must wish a healthy pregnancy to avoid any risks that might happen to the baby or mother. What you really need before and during your pregnancy is the healthy lifestyle. You must choose the food with good nutrition that is needed by your baby. Besides, although you are pregnant, it is not the obstacle for you to do exercise. There are many types of pregnancy exercise that should be done to make the baby delivery become easier. Then, you also might need provider of parental care to help you get healthy pregnancy.

If you are ready mentally and physically, you can start your pregnancy plan. Then, you have to know if you are pregnant or not by pregnancy’s first sign. You can do pregnancy tests soon after you missed the period. Moreover, there are also some signs that might you get like fatigue, mood swings bloated belly, swollen or tender breasts, nausea, and frequent urination. Even though not all women will get all those symptoms, but commonly, you will experience some of them. If you have missed your period and feel one of those symptoms, you must do the test to make sure that you are pregnant.

If the result of test is positive, then you will have nine to ten months of normal pregnancy that is divided into three trimesters. First trimester happens in the first to third months. On the first month, the baby starts to be formed through some phases, like ovulation, fertilization, and implantation when the pregnancy begins. The second month is embryonic development stage. Some organs begin to develop like circulation system, beating heart, brain, major nerves, and many more. Then, on the third months, the development of embryo into fetus happens. Besides, the sex organs begin to appear in this stage.

If you can pass the first trimester without any problems, it is good for your pregnancy in the second trimester that will happen in the fourth to seventh month. The fetus commonly reaches 3 inches of length on the fourth month, and the hair also begins to grow. Moreover, the symptom like nausea might reduce in this stage. Then, on the fifth month, you might feel the first movement of the fetus like the flutters on your stomach. The fetus’ organs keep developing on the sixth month and your breasts also begin to produce the colostrum. On the seventh the uterus expands more, because the fetus becomes bigger and fatter. Because of the more bloated belly, you will get more pain on the back.

The third trimester happens from the eight months until the end of your pregnancy that commonly happen on the tenth month. On the eight month the fetus’ length might reach 10 to 11 inches. On this stage, you will urinate more because of the pressure from bladder and uterus. Then, all organs of fetus has completely develop on the ninth and tenth month. At the end of last trimester, the cervix begins to open and you need to prepare for delivering your baby.

Prenatal Care for Healthy Pregnancy

There is no woman who wants to have high risk pregnancy that might endanger the mother and baby’s health. However, not all women know what they should do to get healthy pregnancy. Instead of take the wrong treatment, you are better to take prenatal care during your pregnancy that is provided by midwife or doctor. There are some treatment and many benefits you can get from the prenatal care. Here are brief explanation that might help you to prepare you pregnancy.

For the first visit to the prenatal care, you must do some procedures, like the interview and test. The care provider will ask you about the medical history of you, your partner and your family. Then you also have to do some physical tests like the measuring of weight, height, blood pressure and many more. There are also the further test for gynecological exam and blood test to find out any risk that might happen. You should do prenatal care visit routinely to prevent the high risk pregnancy and have a healthy pregnancy. It can be done for every four weeks on the first to seventh month, every two weeks on the eight month and every week on the last of third trimester.

The prenatal care is important to do if you wish to deliver a healthy baby. Through the routine medical test, the high risk can be detected as early as possible, so it can be handled soon and lower the risk. Besides, it also can be avoided by doing the good care like healthy lifestyle. The doctor will give you some advice and instructions for you, and if there is a problem in your pregnancy, you will get the right treatment like the medications.