Knowing Bleach Pregnancy Test and Its Accuracy

Nowadays, using bleach for pregnancy test might not familiar as several years ago. In pas time, this kind of test was adequate as preliminary procedure for taking more complicated test. Is the bleach pregnancy test accurate? This question is still in grey area between scientific and practical side. Some women stated their experience about this test and showed solid proof how this test can determine pregnancy. On the other side, doctors and scientist are still in unresolved debate regarding reliability and validity of method to apply as pregnancy test. They said this test is absurd because no data to support this method, in order to turn into solid concept.

In spite of unsupported statement, people still believe this test can be used as pregnancy test. The reason is simple. Something that practically applicable is perfectly possible to try in real life. As matter a fact, bleach is chemical compound that can react significantly with opposite element. When you pour bleach into acid or alkali liquid, reaction can be seen clearly because disintegration of chemical bounding. The most important matter is accuracy, which make women rely on this test to check their pregnancy condition. This article will explore about accuracy and application of this teat to show how this method can be done at home.

Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Applicable?

In mathematics, two main branches go alongside each other but can collide together. Pure mathematics explore abstract field that still impossible to turn into practical matter. On contrary, applied branch is what people need because overcome real life problem. This analogy might be suitable for using bleach as pregnancy test. You do not have to be expert as chemist to try this test. Bleach is not banned compound. It can be found easily at store because manufacturer intends to produce for whitening clothes. Bleach is like applied branch of mathematics where very practical to use but still lack of strong scientific explanation.

Put aside unresolved dispute about capability of bleach. You see this test is possible and have certain degree of accuracy. Before go further, you have to know advantages of this test. It is homemade test to do at home any time. When women experience earlier stage of pregnancy sign, this test will show quick result. Based on this result, you will grasp basic answer for following question. Is the bleach pregnancy test accurate and how does it work?

To apply this test, you need tools and material. Bleach is main material for test and consists of two forms. You can buy liquid or solid forms for this test. Liquid bleach is chlorine-based compound. It is easy to dissolve into water and leave no mark. For solid form, you need mixing tool. Use small stick for this process.

The next material is urine. In pregnant condition, women’s urine contains specific hormone that will react to bleach. Use disposable glass or can to hold urine. You need about 100 cc or less to do this test. Much urine might be better but take bigger can. Put urine carefully and slowly on glass or can to prevent spilling.

The next step is pour liquid form of bleach into urine or bleach powder. You just need one to three drops on top and center of urine. The reaction will appear immediately. Keep your eyes on glass and watch closely what happen in that urine. Indication for pregnancy is bubble or frizzy form from below to top of urine. Oxygen peroxide appears as releasing oxygen element from bleach and react with hydrogen on urine. Hormone in urine was at low bounding with water. If you are familiar with chemistry reaction and bounding, this process can be written into reaction formula. It is one of strong basis for accuracy. The next section will explore more about accuracy to get comprehensive understanding.

Factors Influence Accuracy of Bleach Pregnancy test

Now, you start to get answer for “is the bleach pregnancy test accurate?” Accuracy in bleach pregnancy test can be determined from some factors. Firstly, hormone HCG plays major role in chemical reaction with bleach. Pregnant women produce this hormone as part of transformation from normal state to earlier stage of pregnancy. Naturally, hormone cannot be easily to be found in urine, unless body produces excessively.

Kidney acts as filter to keep necessity compound stay at blood circulation. When hormone can go out, it means body is in condition for further pregnancy period. Some women said nothing happen when bleach mix to urine. After testing using tools from store, they are positively pregnant. This problem may occur because two reasons. Hormone HCG is not on high intake for certain time because depends on others. Two hormones have functioned oppositely each other. When this situation happens, women have to take test in interval period. In the morning, test is negative so you do at night tomorrow.

Second condition is hormone HCG will be gone slowly after several weeks. You cannot find this hormone when pregnancy in second trimester. When incorporate bleach test, your pregnant has passed several week after last menstruation. It is too late to test using bleach but still considered to do as second source of information. Therefore, hormone is essential for accuracy or test.

Urine contains many things besides hormone so bleach might not work because certain compound. It require rigorous research so let this thing sip away. The next factor is on bleach itself. High content chlorine on bleach will react immediately with low level of hormone. You can buy at chemist store for this purpose.

Another factor is ability to recognize bubble form. You can do more just one test simultaneously in order to get high probability of frizzy at urine. Pick three to five cans with urine then pour bleach one by one. See which one is show visible sign. All of three factors are important parts to answer, “Is the bleach pregnancy test accurate.” This test is practical and has good accuracy to verify whether women having pregnant or not. Nothing is wrong to try this test because no damage effect at all.