Pregnancy Symptoms that You Should Know

What is more exciting than to know about pregnancy signs for the newlyweds who are expecting the baby? Some couples who are ready to become the parents must expect the coming of their baby in the family. Then, you can know if you are pregnant or not some symptoms of pregnancy signs. The symptoms commonly appeared after you missed the period. There are some symptoms that you might during the pregnancy and mostly are in the first trimester of pregnancy. Moreover, you also have to know how to deal them, so you can get no problem in your pregnancy period and keep you and your baby healthy.

Common Symptoms on the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy commonly needs 9 to 10 months until the delivery. Then it is divided into three trimesters which the first trimester happens on the first to third month. Then, during this stage, you are really possible to have pregnancy symptoms that might make you feel uncomfortable. On the early weeks on the first month, you might not feel any symptoms, but you will realize that you missed the period. Then, this first sigh can be used to mark the start of your pregnancy’s first trimester.

Moreover, the symptoms will begin to appear on the end of first month which the fetus has been forms on the fourth week. On this stage, you will feel some common symptoms like nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, swollen or tender breasts, feeling bloated and mood swings. You might experience a common symptom that is called as morning sickness. You will nauseous every time smell particular scent of the things or foods. Then, your body also will be easy to be tired and exhausted after doing some activities. These symptoms commonly happen on the early pregnancy as the first sign.

Then, first trimester still keep going on the second month. On this stage, the symptoms that you get on the first month might still come and even will get worse and more noticeable. You will be more uncomfortable with the frequent urination, breast tenderness, and the vomit that happens more frequently. Moreover, on the second month, the artery will bring extra blood, so your heart will beat harder and faster than usual. If you have not done any test of pregnancy yet, these symptoms can help you identify the age of your pregnancy.

Furthermore, those symptoms will hit with full force on the sixth week. The morning sickness that is indicated by nausea, queasy stomach and vomiting can occur a lot any time in day. You also will go to the bathroom more often because of frequent urination. On this stage, the uterus start to suppress the urinary bladder, that is why you need to urinate frequently than usual. Besides, you might feel the pain and aches on your breasts because it because of its tenderness. Another symptom you also feel is the mood swings. It is because when you are pregnant, the hormones in your body increase and decrease like rollercoaster that cause the mood swings.

The third month begins in the ninth week when your body, especially your belly becomes more bloated. To fulfill the need of your fetus, your body will work harder include the vascular system. You can feel the faster and harder heart beat because more blood is needed. Then, you also might experience extreme fatigue because now your body needs more energy for great demand of the fetus. To keep you and your baby healthy, you should lessen the heavy activity and get more rests to restore your stamina. Too much activity is also not good for your pregnancy.

On this stage, the fetus gets more development and begins to become bigger. Therefore, you will feel that your body starts to bloat and gain more weight. As the fetus growing, you have to provide the nourishment by eating more than usual. If you still do not know that you are pregnant, you might be immediately realized for this sign. However, you still have to control your weight to keep your pregnancy health. There is a diet program for pregnant women that might you take, or consult with the health care

How to Handle Pregnant Symptoms?

Even though the pregnant symptoms naturally happen, but most of them make you feel uncomfortable. Besides, if you cannot handle them, you might become sick. The very common symptom that occurs when you are pregnant is morning sickness. If you have this symptom, you might try these solutions. You can eat small meals like plain crackers before you get out from the bed and start your day. Then, you should drink plenty of water or fluids after you are vomiting. Moreover, morning sickness also can be caused by smelling the odor. You can cover it by sniffing the lemon wedges and keep your distance from any foods with strong smell. You also can use the fan in the kitchen while preparing the foods to take the smell away. You might take vitamin B6 3 times in a day to keep your health.

Then, another symptom that commonly occurs during pregnancy is the fatigue. The mild and simple exercise is recommended to do regularly to restore your energy. Then, you can bath or take a shower with warm water to make your body relax. You also need take naps and of course you must sleep early at the night. To avoid getting up at midnight to urinate, you might not drink plenty of fluids at the night. You also need to lessen the use of sugar and not drink caffeine.

Furthermore, you cannot avoid the pain of breast tenderness, but you still can handle this symptom to get less aches. It will be better if you wear the bra with supportive design like wider shoulder straps. Besides, the cup of bra must cover the entire breast. You also need to wear the bra when you go to bed at night. To relieve the sore on your muscle, you can have a mild massage on your shoulder. Then, to handle the frequent urination, you might wear a diaper for adult if you do not want to go the bathroom too often.