Relation between Pregnancy and Back Pain

When doctor said “congratulation, you’ll be mother!” something that you are afraid of comes up in mind. Pregnancy is surely the beautiful moment in women life. You wait nine months until baby comes then everything is not the same because it changes dramatically. There are many concerns during pregnancy that cannot be ignored. You will gain weight naturally after pregnancy go for two months then reach peak condition in eight months. After that, fetus on uterus hardly waits to meet mother and father. You still experience a lot of pain and ache on all over body, but thinking about baby gets rid uneasiness feeling.

One of problem during pregnancy is back pain. In general, this health problem is just symptom to other health problem. Even though you feel severe sore on backside, this condition will go away without you do anything. In pregnancy, back pain is very common because muscle and bone on back body get stressed. However, the cause of this problem is not simple as normal people have. Woman has to pay more attention on this matter, particularly after pass four months pregnancy period. Early detection on this kind of pain reduces the possibility to get more acute. Furthermore, back pain is not problem that can be fixed as long as you know the causes

The Causes of Back Pain

Back pain consists of several types such as upper, medium, and lower pain. In pregnancy, lower pain mostly appears then become major problem for women. In normal people, this condition emerges after lifting heavy stuff. Muscle on arm and shoulder get stressed then spinal bone has to hold all of weight directly to prevent stuff fallen. Connection between arm and shoulder pull back muscle to work harder. This cause can be found in pregnancy woman that has sensitive muscle movement because of changing on physical organ. Arm might go bigger but different from workout result. Therefore, major source of back pain is lifting heavy stuff without proper tool.

The next one is sitting. You cannot ignore the effect of sitting at chair for long time. Back pain occurs when body stay still on same position without big movement, particularly on backside. This condition goes worse if chair or sofa is not appropriate for pregnant women. Standard chair have straight back to hold upper body. However, the angle between this side and sitting surface is too narrow. The result is sore muscle on back body. If the angle too big, body will rely on chair back, so the pressure is high. It is very uncomfortable that make neck and shoulder feel pain then back body follow eventually. Pain is like river flow that starts from top to bottom, in case neck to waist.

The next one is hormonal which release only in pregnancy women. Specific hormone influences bone to keep straight or loose at certain time. When body wants to hold too much pressure, this hormone appears to control it. During pregnancy, this kind of hormone extends its capability. Pelvic and waist will feel relaxed in order to ease weight from lower stomach. However, backside has to work hard to prevent weight go down then put too much pressure on muscle. This situation is like two options that not in favor if you take both of them. The production of hormone might raise but body has to manage and adapt to keep balance on other organs.

Back pain might be caused by inflammation on muscle or bone system. This condition is very complicated that go severe if late for right treatment. Muscle inflammation comes from various sources, so it is like the main source of sources that influences back pain. A pregnancy woman is very fragile to toxic in first trimester and this problem may come from external factor. You have to check medical record before pregnancy period to determine accurately source. It is probably fracture or accident in past time that not fully healed. Pregnancy makes pain in certain spot of previous injury come out without you realize.

The last cause is bacteria or virus. It is mentioned above about the probability of external cause. This pathogen or bacteria infect body because immune system is in low level due to pregnancy. Some bacteria will choose bone at back as basis then decrease bone capability. This condition cannot be seen from outside, so it requires comprehensive diagnosis. Pregnancy woman may not aware or too late to notice after back pain appears. It is different from inflammation because bacteria deteriorate bone slowly then takes advantage in pregnancy period as blood contains many nutritious. Moreover, chemical compound may create back pain rarely.

Solving Back Pain in Pregnancy

The simple way to treat back pain is resting. Having pregnancy means to put hold unnecessary physical activity then focus to keep baby health and safe. Resting is not always sleeping because you can also sit on right chair. You can go to maternal store to buy special chair or sofa for pregnancy woman. Using the common one is not very recommended because your back pain may go severe.

If chair is no longer useful, you can rely on pregnancy pillow. This thing is very popular to support woman to get good sleeping at night. Besides, this kind of pillow is suitable to ease back pain because women will lay in comfortable surface. Before buying this item, there is some consideration to prevent you pick wrong items. You have to make sure that this pillow has firm texture and proper design. Try the bending or folding pillow then you can see which one is suitable for side or conventional sleeping position. During pregnancy, immune system is not quite good, so pillow should come from non-allergenic material. The cover should also resist from dust or pollutant also washable to keep it clean and hygiene.

If back pain is something that easy to come or go, you can hire therapist to massage muscle. This treatment will release muscle tension, so you will feel relaxed. Massage for pregnancy women is different from usual way. Therefore, asking expert or specialist is good choice to prevent unwanted event during massage session. All of solutions for back pain are very applicable, but doctor is last hope for acute condition.