The Benefits and Types of Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy phase is the most awaited moment by all married women. They will experience a condition where they will be more exhausted than usual by entering the second trimester of pregnancy. As their bellies are getting bigger, they will also face another problem of sleeping. Pregnant mother needs maternity pillow to get comfortable and good quality sleeping to support their pregnancy.

Due to the new size body of pregnant mothers, they often face difficulties even just to pick something that makes them move their bodies. Pregnancy is phase that can make mothers feel uncomfortable to do their activities. Even though their pregnancy is the most awaited moment after getting married as well as the most beautiful thing for mothers, it will take away their pleasures when it is managed in inappropriate way. One of the most things that pregnant mothers need is the quality of their sleeping. They cannot relax in their sleeping due to the additional weight they have. Instead, they will feel the pain in some body parts. Maternity pillow is also well known to be called as pregnancy pillow.

It is designed to support pregnant mother’s body during the pregnancy phase. Sleeping problem actually is not personal problem for pregnant woman. It can wake or disturb their partner when they cannot sleep well. That is why a pregnant woman needs to use this kind of pillow whereas the regular pillow cannot fit their needs. With normal body size, of course, a regular pillow fits the needs to have a good sleeping. However, with the new change size body during pregnancy, a regular pillow will not be as comfortable as maternity pillow.

What Kind of Benefits Do You Get by Using Maternity Pillow?

Usually, during pregnancy mother will suffer some pains in their neck and back, or even the whole body parts. Maternity sleeping pillow is designed to be comfortable and support pregnant mother to have their best sleeping position in order to avoid the pain. They do not need to worry if they may give pressure to their baby due to accidentally turn on their poses while sleeping, because this pillow will support their sleeping without many disturbances by limiting the movements.

In order to provide support to the spine and the belly of pregnant woman, maternity pillow can be adjusted by put it between legs. Apart from its benefit in avoiding the pain or ache of mother’s neck and back, it can also give good circulation of the blood. The recommended sleeping position for pregnant mother is in the side direction, because if they have wrong sleeping position it can risk the blood circulation which causes many pains in the body. This kind of pillow is easy to be used by pregnant mother and prevents from having bad posture while sleeping.

After pregnant women give birth to their babies, the maternity pillow can still be used to support nursing the baby. This is one of long phase benefit of maternity sleeping pillow beside its health benefits. It can even be used to prevent the baby in their early golden ages as barrier while sleeping. Both of mother and baby can get the peaceful sleeping even after the pregnancy phase.

Various Types of Maternity Pillow

There are several types of maternity pillow that can be chosen by pregnant woman. It is best to choose this pillow based on the needs and even better to conduct consultation first with the doctor to get the best suitable type of maternity sleeping pillow.

The first type of maternity pillow is Maternity Wedge Pillow. Mostly, this kind of pillow is used by many pregnant women at the same time with another maternity sleeping pillow type functioned as additional support. It is caused by the lack support for the back and the head from this type of pillow.When they sleep on the side direction, this maternity wedge pillow can be placed under the baby bump. It supports the big size of belly to give comfortable effect to the pregnant mother. It relieves the back pressure and can slide under the bump perfectly. It also does not take many spaces on the bed.

The second type of maternity pillow is C Shaped Maternity Sleeping Pillow. It gives many supports to the pregnant mother, such as the support for legs, shoulders, head, and even supports the room for baby. In other words, it supports the whole body. Mother usually gets the pressure by holding the baby weight on their belly. By using this C shaped maternity sleeping pillow, it helps relieving the pressure. This pillow which is most commonly used also helps the shoulders and neck when placing it under the head. The development of C shaped pillow is Custom Fit Full Body Pillow. It is available in three designs. They are back / belly support, neck / head support, and back / ankle / leg support.

The next type of maternity pillow is U Shaped Maternity Sleeping Pillow. By using this pillow, whichever side direction the pregnant mother chose while sleeping, their head will be always healthily supported. Due to its support to the belly and the back in the same time, many pregnant mothers believe that this U shaped is the best type of maternity sleeping pillow. They can even get full body balance from both back and front side, because both side parts of this pillow have the curved design. U shaped maternity sleeping pillow also has larger size compared to the other types of sleeping pillow.

Other types of maternity sleeping pillow are Neck Support Pillow, Side Pillow, and Back Support Pillow. Neck support pillow gives the best support to the head and neck when mothers sleep on the side direction. It also makes the spine relaxed. Side pillow does not take many spaces and provides relaxation to the neck muscles and the head. As for back support pillow, it prevents the pregnant mother from rolling to the side while sleeping and gives the back the best support. So, which type of the maternity pillow do you need?