The Importance of Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow is used to help pregnant women to sleep well. When being pregnant, the women abdomen grows bigger than it normal shape. Therefore, she needs a certain pillow to compensate with this new body shape. In this article, we are going to discuss about how to find the correct pillow. In order to determine what type of maternity pillow that is suitable for you, you need to know first about three basic shapes of the pillows. Before talk about it, there is information related to the benefit of this certain type of pillow.

The Benefit of Pregnancy Pillow

  1. Supports your abdomen

As mentioned before, the natural condition happens to pregnant women is the growth of their abdomen. When she sleeps sideways, the abdomen usually requires more support. Ordinary pillows commonly come with thick shapes. This certain shape is obviously not suitable to support your abdomen. If you want to support your growing abdomen, you need a pillow that specifically designed for such purposes. It is a perfect time when pregnancy pillow comes in handy. It is capable of giving support to your abdomen in perfect size. It does not matter how old your pregnancy is. Maternity pillow is capable of giving the abdomen support you need.

  1. Reduces pains

Since your abdomen is growing, you might realize that you need to counterbalance the weight of your body. When you sleep, the weight of your body is gathered on your abdomen. As the result of this situation, several parts of your body need to adjust. Being in a new position for a long time, some complications might appear on the process. You get headache due to the blood flowing in the body. Moreover, you start to feel backache every time you wake up. Most of your body including legs and arms are begin to feel sore. The pregnancy pillow helps you reduce your pain by providing the best sleeping positions.

  1. Promotes comfortable sleep

Sleeping in unusual position might make your sleep feel so uncomfortable. However, you do not need to be worried because you can get back your comfortable sleep. Using pregnancy pillow in your sleeps helps you to get comfortable position. Since you can lie comfortably, your sleep is going to be comfortable. This pillow is not only good for your rest, but also the fetus inside your abdomen. The support it gives for your abdomen reduces the risk of pains. Moreover, you can explore your new sleeping position with this pillow.

After you read about the benefit of pregnancy pillow mentioned above, you might want to consider purchasing it. In the market, various shape and design is available for you to choose. However, before you choose the maternity pillows, it is important for you to know the type of it first. By understanding the type and the benefit, it is going to be easier for you to determine which one suit you need. The following are three general types of maternity pillow that you can purchase. The type is listed from the one with simple design to the complicated one.

The Types of Pregnancy Pillow

The name of this pregnancy pillow is self-explanatory. Wedge type maternity pillow has the smallest size among the other. You can easily move it anywhere you want as you change your body position. It has a single purpose, which is to support your abdomen. It is also easy to use. When you sleep sideways, all you need to do is slip this certain maternity pillow under your abdomen. Therefore, your abdomen gets the support it needs. Alternatively, you can also purchase two of them. Use one of them under your abdomen and the other under your head. Put it under or above your head pillow. It is going to give your head extra support to reduce the headache.

As the name of this pregnancy pillow suggests, it has a shape that resemble the letter C. If you want to use this maternity pillow in your sleep, you need to position it correctly. Put the top part of the maternity pillow under your head. Let the rest of the middle part goes around your back. Put the base part of the pillow between your legs up to your abdomen. Now that you know how to use it, you might realize what it can do. It is capable of supporting your head, back, legs, and abdomen at the same time. The drawback of this maternity pillow is that you cannot easily move it around as easy as wedge type one.

Although the design of this pregnancy pillow resembles the letter U, it is surprisingly used in different way. You need to position the base part of the pillow under your head. Let the other part surround your back and abdomen. Therefore, when you use this maternity pillow, your body is located in the center of the pillow itself. As it goes with the C-shape type, you cannot move around this pillow easily. However, since it is already support most of your body, it might not necessary to move the pillow. Moreover, the inner design of the pillow incorporates unique design. It has certain contours that fit your body contour when you sleep sideways.

Here is a tip on how to choose the pregnancy pillow that suits you. Each pillow has benefits and drawbacks on their own. It is important to match what you need with the benefit a certain type of pillow has. For example, if you are usually moving too much on your sleep, then the wedge type is the most suitable one for you. You can easily move it anywhere you want to compensate to your sleeping position. In the other hand, if you do not want to be bothered to move the pillow, you can use either C-shape or U-shape one. You can get both comfort and support you need without having to move the maternity pillow.

As the conclusion, we can say that maternity pillow is a pillow that is specifically design to give pregnant women the most comfortable sleeping position. It has many benefits that you can get. Moreover, there are various types of maternity pillows. You can choose one of them to help you find the comfortable sleeping position. Therefore, it is important for those of you who being pregnant to get the pregnancy pillow.