The Need and Want for Best Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a very long event. Enduring the pain and tiredness as you carry the baby inside your tummy can cost you more than tiredness. You can make your pregnant days even more enjoyable by choosing the best pregnancy pillow for your daily life. Because of the constant pain and discomfort in many parts of your body, this is an important decision you must take for the sake of you and your baby.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillow

Many people are aware about the problems and dangers women face during the pregnancy, but there aren’t many who share the most effective solution for such problems. After all, the pain a mother sustain will bear an impact toward the baby inside the tummy. With the ignorance of today’s technology, this adds salt to the wound. For those very reasons, this is the time when the best pregnancy pillow comes in to save you. There are needs to know the importance of having such pillow.

Choosing the best pregnancy pillow can help you in getting a good and comfortable sleep as it eliminates the pain and ache you sustain every night. Because back pain is a common nuisance, this can save your back drastically. Moreover, the pillow, with the touch of the latest technology, comes at a reasonable price without having you worry about the expense you will spend. Using this pillow also enables you to sleep soundly with comfort because it can make your every sleeping position feels comfortable without ever thinking about the pain you will sustain.

Many Shapes and Styles For Your Best Pregnancy Pillow

In accordance to your taste and style, there are plenty of pregnancy pillows you can choose. Of course, it is important to know the pros and cons of each pillow, as it might reflect the actual style and need for you and your body.

  1. Wedge pillow

This is literally a wedge: Slides in under the back or tummy to deliver a much more comfortable and needed support as you use it for the night. This is also one of the cheapest pillows, which can be the best pregnancy pillow you will ever need. There are two forms of this pillow: Round and triangular. Because it doesn’t take much space, you can use it anywhere around your house. This adds more space for your bed as well, which can add more sense of comfort as you sleep.

However, this kind of pillow is inconsistent in term of the design. Between different brands, the steepness of the slope is different to each other, and this may troubles you. You may need some references from other sources to find the suitable pillow. Also, because it can only be used underneath your back or tummy, another pillow for your head is needed.

  1. Full length pillow

This pillow runs along the whole length of your body. Full length pregnancy pillow can also be referred as a body pillow. Although this kind of pillow makes cuddling easier, this gives you less support for your back, way less than the other kinds of pregnancy pillow. Full length pillow comes in two styles: Straight and flexible. Because of the size, this kind of pillow might be suitable to save the pain you sustain from the tummy. If you are into cuddling, this could be the best pregnancy pillow for you.

The huge size gives you disadvantage with the space. This means a larger space is required and you might feel uncomfortable as you sleep at night. If you are not into cuddling, this kind of pillow will not give you any back support at all. This is not a suitable pregnancy pillow for back sleepers.

  1. Total body pillow

This kind of pillow should be taken literally, as it wraps around the whole part of your pregnant body. This gives you maximum comfort as you curl up inside the pillow. Total body pillow covers both the front and back of your body. This is truly a comfortable pillow for your nighttime need. With two different styles: C-shaped and U-shaped, you can choose the best pregnancy pillow of this kind with ease.

Because of the bulky size, total body pillow can take much space on your bed. This is also not the most efficient pregnancy pillow because it’s not really compact and usable anywhere. Limited to the bed only, the small usage of total body pillow should be expected. And the most important thing is the expense. This is the most expensive kind of all pregnancy pillows. For the best pregnancy pillow like this, a bigger price must be paid.

The time has come to compare each pregnancy pillow. Because of your pregnancy, you will definitely spend some long, sweaty night. This means, both the bed and your pillow will absorb your sweat a lot. A bulky pregnancy pillow is hard to clean, while the smaller one can be cleaned easily. A more high-quality pillow usually offers the pillow with separated cover, and this can add more comfort not only when you use it for sleeping, but also when you clean it. However, covers that must be fasten by buttons or press studs will annoy you constantly, and adding cover to your pregnancy pillow will definitely cost you more. Choosing the best pregnancy pillow from high-quality brands might cost you a lot, but it does give you the easiness and comfort.

Even the filling of your pregnancy pillow is important. There are some materials you can choose as the filling, such as Styrofoam ball, polyester fiber, micro-bead, memory foam, or even natural and organic filling. Depending on the filling, the best pregnancy pillow you choose may also reveal a “new” smell which might make your head fuzzy. In that case, simply air the pillow out until the smell is gone. Even so, the materials can also affect the noise when you use the pillow. Pay a close attention to the filling and fabric of your chosen pillow to avoid making noisy sound as you sleep through the night.

With different styles and designs to choose, take your time when choosing the best pregnancy pillow for your need. Make your pregnant moment beautiful and comfortable every night with the perfect pillow of your choice.