Tips to Breastfeed Sleepy Baby

It is so normal that newborn babies really like to take a lot of sleep. This condition is great as long as it is not becoming problem that make them get improper feeding. If sleeping a lot turns into problem, then you should find a way to breastfeed sleepy baby. Every mother must be able to relate this scene. It is when you latch the baby on your breast. For several minutes, your baby may nurse contently, but then slipping into very peaceful sleep. After a while when you are going to do another thing or when you want to sleep, the baby gets up to eat again. The following sections will inform you necessary tips regarding breastfeeding to sleep baby.

How to Keep the Baby from Falling Asleep into Feeding too Soon

The first tip to breastfeed sleepy baby is by figuring out whether he is asleep because he is already full or get sleepy cause by some energy he needs to eat. If you offer only one breast but he only nurses for several minutes, he probably nurses himself to sleep before filling up.

You can try to pull closer your baby to your breast as the attempt that might wake him. After that, compress the breast that will express the milk into his mouth. In this step, the baby will get reflex by swallowing breast milk. Thus, swallowing milk in his mouth may be able to help remind him to do what he is supposed to do.

However, if you find your baby still asleep after doing that, you should take off him from your breast. Then put the baby down on firm and flat surface. You could use blanket on changing table or the floor. When you want to wake up the baby so much, make sure that you are not keeping him in your arms. Besides, do not put your baby in stroller, car seat, or other things that wrap around him. This has too similar feeling like arms holding. By putting the baby down on safe and flat surface prompts him that he is not being held anymore. This probably makes the baby wake up to help him realize that he is still hungry.

The next point, you probably want to undress and burp him a bit before you latch him on again. It will make the baby feels not so comfortable and warm. By doing so, it helps ensuring the baby to be more awake, ready to feed.

When you start to breastfeed again, make sure to use other breast. Do not use the one that you have started with. It is called as switch nursing which is quite good technique. This works well especially for newborn babies. Since the other breast contains of pooled milk supply with faster flow, the baby will not need to work harder to eat again. For information, mothers often do switching nursing up to four times in every feeding to breastfeed sleepy baby. This will help sleepy baby to get full meal.