Understanding the Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy is the most crucial life in women when their will have baby after thirty eight weeks. This period extent from embryo stage into fully baby, so each of week have certain development. In every stage, baby is called fetus after regain full development of organ though not complete as baby. At the end of week, there is contraction to indicate women having childbirth soon, but this situation may take earlier because unintentional factor. In pregnancy, women have high risk of health problem that become more complicated when fetus development is not in normal condition. Scientist used to conduct research about human reproduction process which pregnancy become major part of it.

Before go for explanation of fetus every week during pregnancy, women have to know some signs and symptom to determine pregnancy condition. After fertilization, sperm will unify will egg then go to uterus for embryo and fetus period. Miscarriage occurs in first trimester because fetus and placenta are not strong enough to attach with uterus. Women have to pay attention in this period to prevent natural death of fetus. Specific case such as emergency childbirth might appear because external factor, but fetus with age less than 28 week has low possibility to live. On the other side, baby can survive with adequate medical support after has 28 weeks or more.

Early Weeks of Pregnancy

Embryotic period

Embryotic period is like pre-elementary condition to prepare early stage of pregnancy. Embryo is creature that comes after unification between sperm and ovum then goes to uterus for next development. Women have to aware when they do not get periods to prepare changing in physical condition. Embryo is very fragile as unwanted object or toxic from blood circulatory will kill instantly, even after pass four weeks. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, and infection are some major factors that make embryo cannot grow normally. Therefore, women have to avoid themself from such dangerous compounds. This period influence all of pregnancy stages, so women have to take more intensively to prevent birth defect.

Week 4

After the month or four weeks, embryo will grow exponentially from one cell into many millions cells. Some experts say this condition is gestation period, which become pre fetus stage. Women start to feel alteration on body, though not completely visible from outside. They will get uneasiness feeling such as headache, vomiting, or urinating. The sign is more general because some women might do not feel anything until fetus reach six or eight weeks, but it is very rare on normal life. In this stage, embryo still growing to obtain more cells then makes differentiation each of them to provide basic form for human organs. Overall size of embryo is about a pea at four weeks. You can see lungs and arm tiny cells from certain spot of embryo. Even though they are small, doctor still detect this cell that can be useful for further health monitoring during pregnancy. Early disease or defect on fetus can be seen at this period to perform medical support for women.

Week 6

Even though it is just two weeks, embryo grows significantly and excessively into many times of size compare to first four weeks period. Pregnancy symptom is clearer than before because women will feel ache in head and stomach. Miscarriage is still on high level so their eating behavior has to be in controlled then reduce such risk lifestyle to make embryo grow healthy. In this stage, doctor can see abnormal cell then have to act quickly to prevent pregnancy failure condition. Heart organ begin to produce heat for other cells then blood system develops many lines in all over embryo body. Human tail can be seen clear alongside advanced form of arm and ears. The size is bigger than four weeks, which pulmonary and lungs attach into one location. In this stage, twins will extensively go into separate way.

Week 8

Eight weeks is last stage of embryo then the next period will be fetus. Arm organ looks clear with extended part on left and right, which finger is still connected one to others. The condition is similar with foot, though not completely formed like real feet at baby. Heart controls blood circulatory through vascular system on all of embryo parts. Placenta can be seen clear and attachment on uterus is strong than six weeks. Using USG, doctor can determine sex type of embryo because development of sex organ starts at this level. Women body transforms clearly such as lower chest and stomach side get bigger than usual. Whatever women eat will affect the next pregnancy condition, so food management is crucial to make healthy baby.

Fetal Period

Week 10 to 12

Fetal period is extended part of embryo, which shows growing number of cells and organs. Most of basic human organs appear on embryo, so fetal stage is hardly found new things. All of supporting organs such as placenta are fully formed and attaches on uterus. Therefore, fetus can resist external turmoil on women body. You can say this condition is similar to adolescence that act as bridge to next level and anything wrong at this stage will be hard to change. Fetus length is three to eight centimeters with head part occupies most of fetus form that help women to see facial form.

Week 21

In second trimester, fetus is no longer small creature with any clear form. Women will adapt to changing in body because some aches or pains go away slowly. Trouble in sleeping might not be too much as first trimester then they will feel fetus movement that show muscle and bone development.

Week 26

In this stage, fetus transform some lower head side into clearer organ such arm and leg. Facial expression can be seen to determine baby visage that make women happier. Miscarriage is no longer major problem but nutrition plays important role to keep all of organs grow into normal condition. After twenty eight, fetus is fully capable to life outside uterus if anything bad happen unintentionally.

Week 36 to 40

The last stage is not much development because fetus is fully baby formed. Fetus prepares to adapt for the next stage after women having childbirth that sign is very visible. Breast will produce colostrum then vein vessel on legs show varicose. It can be said that this stage still has the high-risk situation.