Useful Considerations for Picking Pregnancy Body Pillow

Pregnancy body pillow will ease some health problem during critical period in women life. Actually, this kind of pillow emerges since long time ago to support mother that has complicated condition in pregnancy. Not all women can experience normal pregnancy period with such usual aches or pain. Many doctors recommend this pillow for not only sleeping trouble, but also another condition such sore at leg or neck pain due to pregnancy symptom.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful moment for women because they will be mother after having childbirth. If this baby is first child, life will be happier so everything has to be well prepared. This condition starts after fertilization then zygote move to uterus to attach. Embryo grows more cells from tiny thing into more complicated cell functions. Women start to feel dramatic changing on their body from uneasiness feeling at stomach and head. As time goes by, other signs of pregnancy come up excessive. In this condition, sleeping is not easy as usual matter because women stamina is drained physically and mentally to handle growing fetus until childbirth after thirty eight weeks. Pregnancy body pillow become favorite for solution to support every problem during pregnancy period in order to keep healthy on every side.

Buying this kind pillow at stores is not difficult if you do without too much consideration. There are plenty of products with flashy design and shape to attract customers. However, this item is not like regular pillow at bedroom that can be taken and thrown as you want. Pregnancy body pillow is special item that has capability to support and treat health problem during hard time. Some women experience different sign on pregnancy, so doctor advice is necessary to make the right decision. Asking store assistant to get more information about how to use it properly and read guideline thoroughly. Therefore, women can pass pregnancy more enjoyable and pleasurable.

Determine the Needs for Pregnancy Body Pillow

Pregnancy has three general stages from first trimester to third one. Each of them is very crucial that determine baby health and development in the future. At first stage, women body will change not so much because embryo just grow on uterus. It does not mean there is no problem at all. Miscarriage is major factor of pregnancy failure that is caused by internal and external factor. If uterus wall is too soft and cannot hold embryo, natural death on pregnancy may occur. On the other hand, strong organ inside might not be adequate to prevent that situation because women sleep at wrong position. Pregnancy body pillow may not completely prevent miscarriage but reduces possibility of that event.

This is why pregnancy cannot be taken lightly because the effect is very huge for women life. Sleeping in side position is very dangerous so women tend to choose conventional position that face toward to keep baby free from pressure. This position is not good for long time, which becomes back pain in the morning. Too much tension on waist and shoulder will disturb blood circulatory that affect directly to fetus and placenta. To prevent worse situation, women rely on pregnancy body pillow to support spinal cord from lower head to the waist then keep blood circulatory going well.

Another factor in using pregnancy body pillow is uneasiness feeling. This condition may take time to explain comprehensively because women have different perception that makes pregnancy goes into complicated portion. It mentioned earlier about mental breakdown after giving childbirth. During pregnancy, women have to receive big support from husband and parents to create cheerful and joyful atmosphere. For first baby, young women tend to get more nervous that come from lack of experience and minimum amount of knowledge about this matter. They will think over and over again this complicated situation, so sleeping at night will be disturbed. Comfortable bed is not enough to bring back calmness feeling and the only solution is pregnancy body pillow.

Pregnancy involves physical and mental part to get through every minute until baby is born. Doctor say having childbirth will make mentally drained to the lowest level. Mental breakdown after pregnancy occurs in some women because they cannot hold extreme pressure on life, so mind is slightly diverted. If this condition goes without proper treatment, the effect will spread for not only on herself, but also baby and family as well. Having high quality rest at night will ease that breakdown. Therefore, pregnancy body pillow is one of the best solutions. This kind of pillow will serve more for not only in pregnancy state. Maternal pillow is another name of it to extent function. Some modifications of this pillow can keep baby sleeping next to mother directly.

Factors for Choosing the Right Pregnancy Body Pillow

Classic design of pillow may be good pregnancy body pillow but still has limited capability. Design of this pillow divides into two things. Firstly, one specific body part will get one pillow. If you feel sore at leg after long walking or standing, long and smooth pillow will hold your leg for moment. Pillow for neck and shoulder have to be firm to handle high pressure and having air circulation system to keep temperature at normal level.

Secondly, whole body pregnancy body pillow will be good for more complicated situation. The advantage of this design is comprehensive form that can handle upper and lower body at same time. It is very suitable for pregnancy women who still work at office then want to get good sleeping. Unfortunately, this pillow is not easy to move because it is big and requires more spaces.

Material plays important factor when pick pillow for pregnancy. As you know, women health is the top priority, so material has to be safe from allergenic compound or dangerous chemical element. Down feather is one of good material for this kind of pillow because it comes from natural source. Besides filling material, pillow cover should be made by smooth and washable linen to keep it clean from dust and pollutant.

The last thing is texture. When you sleep for long time, pillow shape change after receive tension from body. Bad pillow cannot back to normal size, so you have to adjust material in order to keep equally spreading. However, excellent pregnancy body pillow can resist to extreme folding and bending from human body.