Useful Information about Three Phases of Pregnancy

The first thing that you will hear after positively pregnant is everyone around you expect for good and healthy baby. This situation is common at society because baby is wealth symbol intangible and valuable. Therefore, you cannot measure with any physical object in this world. Being mom is what the most women want in their life. If this baby is first child, the moment will be more joyful and cannot hold any longer to welcome newborn as new part of family. Husband, parent and friends should show more attention to your condition every time, even for smallest detail.

However, you cannot sit relaxed hanging around with no concern about pregnancy condition. There are so much knowledge about this matter, so do not let your guard down for just a little bit because missing one thing affects many parts. Basically, scientists divide pregnancy period into three parts. First trimester comes from week one to twelve that play crucial role for next stage because women will experience dramatically changing in their life. Second trimester starts at week 13 – 27. In this stage, fetus grows exponentially, so women have to keep it up with nutritious food and healthy lifestyle to accommodate fetus development. The last stage is third trimester from week 28 to 40. All of stage will be explained in next paragraph.

Early Stage of Pregnancy

Pregnancy appears after sperm meets ovum then goes to uterus to attaches. One cell of this unified form will grow into millions of cells. Embryotic period might not be mentioned in many article but this stage is like pre requisite knowledge before go for more complicated course. You have to know how embryo attaches then all of supporting organ grow. Pregnancy is health condition, so there is possibility to turn into bad situation. In this situation, whatever women do will influence whole pregnancy process so eating proper food is preferred and stop risk behavior. Good fertilization leads to excellent result of embryo. Any small problem from outside or inside body, embryo will disintegrate then wash away that doctor say miscarriage.

Trimester starts at week one to twelve. It is approximately three month, which play major role at basic organ development on embryo. You cannot call embryo as fetus because there is still no complete form and size is very small compare to fetal stage at second trimester. In this condition, important organs come from differentiation cell such as arm, leg, head, eye, etc. Heart appears to connect with placenta and all of embryo cells to spread nutrient from mother. The development grows rapidly each of weeks until organ starts to show complete distinction side.

The important aspect in first trimester is health problem at women such as nausea, vomiting, headache, uneasiness, etc. This situation will go away in nest stage as body has been accustomed with pregnancy condition. However, you have to pay attention about extreme activity. During this period, women restricts certain activity that requires too much energy to prevent severe exhausted. If body cannot resist the high degree of tension, embryo capability to attach at uterus wall will decrease significantly. The result is natural death or miscarriage that affect both physical and mental of women. Doctor can use USG to detect birth defect or malfunction of organ for further treatment.

The last period in first trimester stage shows difference from week one until week twelve. Embryo size is about pea, which contain two sides. Major part is head that look very big compare to another one and blood circulatory still in development that heart become its center. Arm and leg look bigger than before but still in incomplete form. Women still feel sore and ache on muscle when moving too much then gains weight to keep growing fetus. In this stage, emotional feeling as mother become essential so conducting more knowledge is the best way to keep healthy pregnancy.

Second and Three Trimester

Second trimester starts at week 13 to 27. This stage might be called calm period like happy hour after rush traffic jam in the morning. Pregnancy sign appears more appealing, so you have to change some clothes to fit body shape then does not use high heel in workplace to prevent heel pain. In this situation, nausea and pain might not be too much because body adjusts it to adapt on situation.

Modern technology can detect what is going on fetus to understand every part of development. Women like to go for USG service to see that fetus movement. Some organs grow clearer than before such as lungs, head, and arm. You can see facial feature on fetus head to predict what your baby look like after childbirth. Sex organ appears at last stage of embryo and you have known this baby will be boy or girl. In week 16 to 18, mother will feel fetus movement such as kicking that show the healthy and good condition.

Fingers and toes look visible with five parts that not attached anymore. This condition can be seen at week 21 then nail start grow when hair on head. All of organs are completely separated. Fetal visage has eyebrows then more movement to prove muscle development at utmost level. In this situation, women have to consume more nutritious foods such as bean, nut, vegetables and fruits. Some people say that fetus can hear sound from outside world, so you are suggested to play classical music. It might not be proven scientifically until now, but you can try to keep calm during pregnancy.

The last stage is third semester that very crucial for life both mother and baby. Health problem rises again such as sore on pelvic and ankle to prepare childbirth. This stage starts immediately at week 28 until 40. Normal pregnancy leads to usual way for giving birth but some women have different organ capability that cannot handle natural childbirth. Doctor will recommend the best solution for this situation to keep both parties safe and health as possible. After week 28, fetus can live outside word with sustainable life support. This condition might occur when woman has emergency situation such as accident or disease.